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Heat Curing Equipment

MESA is very proud to offer a fantastic product line of Heat Curing Equipment that feature the world’s most innovative technology. Featuring Auto Open and over-the-center pressure adjustment. Heat presses come in many makes, models, sizes, and styles.

Heat Tech MAX Hover 16 x 20 Auto open heat press. The Hover Heat Press has all of the features a clam style heat press plus an upper platen that hovers over the garment to ensure brighter colors and a stronger bond between ink and the garment. Can also be used for any type of traditional heat-applied graphics.

The Heat Tech MAX also features a magnetic assist lock down, auto open feature, digital time & temperature controls, cycle counter for tracking production quantities, two modes - one for contact and the second for pressure, quick-change lower platen, non-stick coated heater - stress relieved to prevent warping, cast-in tubular element every 2.5" to eliminate cold spots, heavy-duty pin & bushing pivot points, 3/4" upper flotation heat platen, and wide opening for easy layout.

Price: $1095.00

Heat Tech Max 15

Heat Tech 15 x 15 Auto Open clam-style heat press. With a top protective cover. Hands free opening saves you time and effort.

The Max 15 is ideal for transfers to T-shirts, jackets, tiles and more.

Features include a draw-out heat platen, auto open, digital temperature & time control, and an automatic alarm.

Price: $795.00

Heat Tech Max Cap

Heat Tech MAX Cap press auto open heat press. Durable cap press with digital time & temperature control. The auto open feature enables you to multi-task and help avoid over-application. Optional 4 different size exchangeable under plates for heat pressing on different size caps, including low-profile, oversize, and full or low crowns.

Other features include an emergency open button, changeable under plate, gas spring control, electro-magnetic pressure system, auto-open after the timer cycles out, and 4 different sizes base plate.

Price: $795.00