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Decos Spangle Machine
MESA is proud to offer the finest in equipment for decorating apparel with bling. The DECOR automatic rhinestone setting machine sets 6 colors/sizes of rhinestones or studs to transfer paper. The DECOS automatic spangle machines offers 4-color and 6-color models. All DECOR and DECOS machines offer features not found on other brands, including built-in vacuum pumps or compressors, so there is no need to buy a separate compressor.
DECOR 6 Color Rhinestone Machine
DECOS 4 Color Spangle Machine
Apparel Decorating Supplies - Rhinestones and Spangle Tape
Equipment Financing Available
No matter which bling machine you choose, MESA gives you the tools you will need to succeed. The training that is included with all rhinestone or spangle machines will get you started on the right foot. Knowledgable technicians are available to answer your questions. And we offer a large selection of rhinestones, spangle tape, and bling accessories at wholesale pricing, with most orders shipping the same day. All of this from the company who has been serving apparel decorators for over twenty years.