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Sierra Hotfix Era

For more tools and full control over the design process, MESA highly recommends Hotfix Era. Import artwork from a variety of sources and use the vectorizing tools to convert raster images to vector. With several fill tools and many fill styles, plus lettering and the ability to edit individual stone or spangle placements, you will quickly be creating stunning rhinestone or spangle designs.

Hot Fix Era contains all necessary tools to digitize designs with rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads, or spangles (with the sequin/spangle edition.) The program allows you to create designs from scratch, or use a raster or vector image. Hot Fix Era includes auto-digitizing tools, plus manual digitizing tools for those who want absolute control over the design. An advanced lettering system with pre-digitized fonts is also included, and this program is also compatible with True Type Fonts.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Suggested Requirements
Processor, CPU
Intel Core i3 or better
Intel Core i5 or better
4 Gb
8 Gb
1440 x 900 pixels or higher, True Color (32 bits) with OpenGL acceleration
17" Monitor
19" Monitor
Free disk space
2 Gb
20 Gb
1 x USB port (required for USB dongle)
1 x USB port (for mass storage device)
1 x RS-232 (if using direct connection)
Operating System
Windows 7 and up
Required for software download, registration, and updates
1 Gb or more of dedicated graphics memory (note: integrated graphics share your system's RAM - you will need a minimum of 8GB RAM if using integrated graphics)
Separate graphics card (not integrated) with at least 1GB memory
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