DECOR Automatic Rhinestone Machine Warranty

All new DECOR Rhinestone Machines from MESA are covered by the following one year warranty.

1 Year Coverage:
Covered parts and components include: all electronic circuit boards, motors, vacuum pump, power supplies, hopper bowl components, hopper selection mechanism components, pantograph system components, belts, pulleys, sensors, and cabling.
This warranty covers defects encountered during normal use and does not apply to damage or failure due to: abuse, misuse, neglect, accidental damage or acts of God, failure to follow the operating and maintenance instructions provided, improper maintenance or lubrication, improper adjustments or modifications to the machine, the installation or use of non-approved parts or accessories. This warranty does not apply to: consumable and/or expendable components, including, but not limited to nozzles, air tubing, etc.; losses or damage to goods, or other property damage arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use the machine; shipping of warranty parts; labor for travel and travel expenses incurred while providing services pursuant to this warranty.
Void If:
This warranty is void if anyone other than MESA Supplies, Inc. or one of its authorized dealers attempts to repair or modify the Machine without the permission of MESA Supplies, Inc. This warranty is void if parts or accessories other than DECOR parts manufactured by NCK are used in conjunction with your DECOR Rhinestone Machine. 1-Year Limited Warranty applies only to new DECOR Rhinestone Machines purchased from MESA.
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