DECOR Automatic 6-Color Rhinestone Setting Machine


  • No air compressor required!
  • Built-in quiet vacuum pump completely eliminates the need for an air compressor
  • Large design area 15.75 x 15.75 inches
  • High Speed 170 stones per minute
  • Large color touch-screen control panel with 6.4 inch display
  • User-friendly menus give you full control of the Decor
  • Simplified buttons for easy operation
  • One-touch start function for repeating the last job
  • Accessible location of the magazine & rhinestone feeder
  • Use up to 6 colors and/or sizes of rhinestones
  • Automatic positioning on x-y coordinates saves time
  • Accurate sensors prevent errors & misplacement between stones

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Create Beautiful Low-Cost Rhinestone Designs

The Decor Rhinestone Machine sets your rhinestones at 170 stones per minute to transfer paper on its 15.75 x 15.75 inch work area. Then you just heat-transfer the design to the garment, it's that easy!

The Decor line of rhinestone machines is equipped with multi-part feeders, automatic X and Y table, absorption error sensors and more. These unique and innovative technologies overcome the limitations of manual hot fix motif machines such as slow production and quality uniformity. The Decor Rhinestone Setter can quickly and easily change size/color and the large working area make it perfect for large and intricate designs. Unlike embroidery or digital printing, with the simple touch of a button, the same design can be created multiple times without any operator interaction.

Rhinestone decorating has been a staple of our culture for thirty plus years, now more than ever is a great time to make profits with this decorating method. Whether your plans are to integrate this into an existing business or to start a new venture, there are plenty of profitable opportunities in the market. You can supply schools, organizations, clubs, corporate wear, teams and more with the unique look of rhinestones or multi-media applications. This technology has never been easier, more affordable or as fast with the Decor line of Automatic Rhinestone Machines.

All rhinestone machines include the NCK 2D Rhinestone design software which allows you to make your own designs using up to 6 colors/sizes of rhinestones or metal studs.

Rhinestone Design Gallery

Control Panel with 6.4" Touch Screen

  • Large 6.4 inch Color LCD Touch Screen with TFT technology greatly improving on-screen image quality
  • User-friendly menu allows ease of operation even for beginners
  • Easily import designs with a standard SD memory card
  • Large on board design memory 1,000 designs capacity
  • Design File Management with 10 folders each holding 100 designs
  • On screen design editing

SD Card Design Transfer

SD Memory Card

The SD memory card is about the size of a typical postage stamp. The SD Card allows the operator to transfer one design or hundreds to the Decor equipment quickly and easily. You will receive a free SD Card to USB adapter to give you the option to use a USB port vs. a SD Card slot on your computer.

Sierra Hotfix Era Design Software

For more tools and full control over the design process, MESA highly recommends Hotfix Era. Import artwork from a variety of sources and use the vectorizing tools to convert raster images to vector. With several fill tools and many fill styles, plus lettering and the ability to edit individual stone placements, you will quickly be creating stunning rhinestone designs.

Rhinestone Machine Feeder Plate Sizes & Specifications

The DECOR includes 10 feeder plates with flexible size options

(4) 2mm / 3mm feeder plates (4) 4mm / 5mm feeder plates (2) 6mm / 7mm feeder plates
Side A
2mm/3mm feeder plates feeder plate Side A
2mm studs

SS6 stones
Side B
2mm/3mm feeder plates feeder plate Side B
3mm studs

SS10 stones

SS12 stones
Side A
5mm/5mm feeder plates feeder plate Side A
4mm studs

SS16 stones
Side B
4mm/5mm feeder plates feeder plate Side B
5mm studs

SS20 stones
Side A
5mm/5mm feeder plates feeder plate Side A
6mm studs

SS30 stones
Side B
4mm/5mm feeder plates feeder plate Side B
7mm studs

SS34 stones

Machine Specifications

Feeder Plate/Stone Sizes
6-10-12-16-20-30-34 ss / 2-3-4-5-6-7 mm
Working Area
15.7 x 15.7 inches
Working Speed
Max 170 pcs/min
Number of Colors
6 Color
Internal Design Memory
1,000 Designs
Data Interface
SD Memory Card (Max 2GB), LAN
Air Requirements
Power Requirements - Machine
AC208V-230V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (W x H x D)
40 x 51 x 33 inches
Weight-Machine (not shipping weight)
518 lbs

Additional Rhinestone Machine Equipment

Heat press

MESA carries a full line of heat presses. These items are not included with the rhinestone machine but are available for separate purchase.

Please consult with your MESA sales representative for your individual needs.

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