DECOS Automatic Spangle Setting Machine

Note: MESA no longer carries the DECOS Spangle Machine. We have left this page for customers who may be purchasing a used machine.


  • Spangles are 100% lead-free and safe for children's clothing!
  • Large design area 15.75” x 15.75”
  • High Speed production at up to 1,000 spangles per minute
  • Large 6.4 inch color touch-screen control panel
  • 1,000 design memory with thumbnail file retrieval
  • Automatic repeat for multiple motif production
  • 4 colors and/or sizes automatically even more if you change the reels
  • Accurate sensors prevent errors & misplacement.
  • Make designs with up to 30 different colors/sizes, run up to 4 colors/sizes at a time
  • Tape-break sensors prevent machine from running without tape
  • Quick change molds allow changing die size in seconds
  • LED for tracing designs and showing design start point
  • Jump function means machine never slows down when moving to different parts of design, even when running multiple motifs
  • Built-in cabinet for easy storage of supplies
  • Spent tape is automatically stored in waste bin, which can hold up to 90 reels worth of of tape

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Create Beautiful Low-Cost Spangle Designs

The Decos creates beautiful, high quality Hot-Fix Spangle transfers at up to 1,000 Spangles per minute. The large work area allows you to make multiple designs per sheet, or a single design up to 15.75 x 15.75". The transfers can be shipped to your customer, or be pressed directly onto almost any garment for beautiful embellishment. The long lasting threadless sequin designs are one of the least costly methods of embellishment available.

The Decos Transfer machine is equipped with 4 automatic spool feeders, servo-motor driven x-y table, and automatic error sensors for high quality production. These industry leading technologies in hotfix sequin setting machines overcome the limitations of other methods of making hotfix spangle Motifs, such as slow production speeds, inconsistent design quality or sewing sequins directly to the garment.

Hotfix sequins have been a popular fashion feature for as long as apparel has been embellished. Now the Decos hotfix sequin machine makes this beautiful method of adornment easy and extremely inexpensive. Compare the costs and see how Spangle (threadless sequin) transfers can be one of your most profitable products.

Control Panel with 6.4" Touch Screen

  • Large 6.4 inch Color LCD Touch Screen with TFT technology greatly improving on-screen image quality
  • User-friendly menu allows ease of operation even for beginners
  • Easily import designs with a standard SD memory card
  • Large on board design memory 1,000 designs capacity
  • Design File Management with 10 folders each holding 100 designs
  • On screen design editing

SD Card Design Transfer

SD Memory Card

The SD memory card is about the size of a typical postage stamp. The SD Card allows the operator to transfer one design or hundreds to the Decor equipment quickly and easily. You will receive a free SD Card to USB adapter to give you the option to use a USB port vs. a SD Card slot on your computer.

Machine Specifications

Working Area
15.7 x 15.7 inches
Working Speed
Max 1,000 pcs/min
Internal Design Memory
1,000 Designs
Data Interface
SD Memory Card (Max 2GB), LAN
Air Requirements
Power Requirements
AC220V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
40 x 33.5 x 52.5 inches
Weight-Machine (not shipping weight)
Approx 440 lbs.

Additional Rhinestone Machine Equipment

Heat press

MESA carries a full line of heat presses. These items are not included with the rhinestone machine but are available for separate purchase.

Please consult with your MESA sales representative for your individual needs.

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